Big Apple Adventure

As it is said in famoust quotation of Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, I started my trip to USA with the beautiful clouds, that were seen from the window of a plane.  

trip 2997

Of course, the first thing to see in New York is heart of Manhattan- Times Square.

trip 3816

Visit to Roosevelt Island

How to get to Roosevelt Island

trip 3585

How without art in the city that can be called “Art Center”????

trip 3112   trip 3430 trip 3414

While u are outside of your usual environment try to do your best and explore something new, like unusual salted caramel core ice-cream.

trip 3639

Birthday Party on a rooftop of building in the city center, with breathtaking night veiw of city, best Birthday I ever had.

trip 3150

Everything has its beginning and end, so good buy NYC…. SEE U SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trip 3005  trip 3003


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