Christmas Fairytale – NYC

After staying in Europe a little I missed USA, with smiling people, unique atmosphere, unusual food and of course mood. I fill myself there relaxed and calm. And to get there during the Christmas Holidays was my greatest dream. And I did it.

trip 1400

The city is incredibly beautiful during those days, everything is decorated, people are smiling, in a great rush to buy the best presents for friends and family.

trip 1610  trip 1559

trip 1616

Even the Dinosaur on the entrance to Museum of Natural History is in Christmas Mood:

trip 1652

But the place that can impress with decoration is district in Brooklyn called Dyker Heights. Decorations of houses is so expressive here, that u can fell yourself visiting store with lights and decorations. Every house is unique, with 100 of lights, figures of heroes, sounds, everything is sparkling.

Its so popular during the Christmas, as some museums:

Dyker Hieghts district during Christmas

trip 1761 trip 1781

trip 1787

At last I visited Brooklyn Bridge, a walk there is cool. Crossing it with car is definitely not so spectacular.

trip 1599  trip 1598

trip 1579

I visited New York after terrorist attack in Paris and it was interesting to see signs of respect from Americans to French nation.

trip 1727

Holidays are over and time to go back…. so sad

But after visiting NYC I can make a conclusion that it’s the city that never sleeps and probably I will never be tired of staying there….


trip 3024


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