“City of 7 Hills” – Rome

To spend Saint Valentines Day outside of home was the best idea. Not looking on that it was 14.02, the weather was really spring and even hot. The same with mood.

We started exploring Rome at the evening when arrived there. Night life and view is also rich:

trip 1185 trip 733

Next day we started with breakfast, what is unusual it is almost everywhere included in to your price of hotel. of course its just a coffee and a croissant, but so nice…

trip 858

And next point was country that exists on the territory of other one – Vatican City… Unusual feeling, when u need to go though all those boarder crossing procedures, and from the yard of Vatican City u can see Rome.

trip 850     trip 705

trip 843

U can also explore Rome by foot, all sights are situated more or less in same place and easily accessible without public transport.

trip 865          trip 867

trip 885         trip 1002

Let’s make a wish at Trevi Fountain, popular cause of a lot of films and books and move on:

trip 738

Stores around looks so good, that it’s impossible not to get inside:

trip 914    trip 951  trip 956

Nature of Rome:

trip 1063

trip 1018

P.S. Its the great place for “Door lovers”, I found dozens for me to enjoy looking on them and creating stories in my mind about creation:

trip 910      trip 734   trip 729



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