Niagara Falls

While staying in New York I visited one on the greatest natural attractions in the world…. Niagara Falls. And now I can say with confidence that its one of the greatest natural creations that I saw in my life till now.

trip 3218
Niagara Falls








Its good to leave NYC in 6am on Sunday, cause there is no traffic and u can even observe the beauty of the city from your car window.

trip 3308

During first few minutes, while entering the city of Niagara Falls, I’ve got a thought that its the usual place, without any difference from those I saw in US, but when I came close to attraction I realized that was really mistaken and its worth going there for sure.

trip 3200

Of course the best part of visiting Niagara Falls is to take Maid of the Mist Boat tour, its incredible to go so close to water and fill its power. Of course u will be wet after it, but it worth to do so.

trip 3257

trip 3211

Probably everyone knows that Niagara Falls is unusual place, situated on the boarder of two countries. It’s a pity that I couldn’t cross the boarder to Canada, cause Ukrainians need visa for it:( . But I was enjoying the Canadian side view from my hotel room. Strange feeling to see other country from the window of your room.

trip 3203

I hope one day I will cross that boarder and see this beauty from that side….

Some interesting facts about Fall for U.

trip 3198

Interesting facts about Niagara Falls


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