Ogrodzieniec Castle

Let me present next point I visited.

I’m pretty sure that not all people know about this castle, even native Polish.

So it was choice of our  lecturer from Academy, a kind of task about attractions around place u live. Nowadays I live in Krakow, Poland and Ogrodzieniec Castle is situated only 70km away.

trip 2632

Its a huge castle, that was rebuilt few times, but originally it comes from 14-15th century. Very beautiful and worth visiting.

Its the attraction for tourists who don’t want to spend a lot of money, entrance is not expensive, parking cost only 5zl and u will spend only one day there, so no need to book place to stay for night. U can go there enjoy the beauty and go back to Krakow.

Its a little bit harder to get there by public transport, u should change 2 times, or take a long walk to get there (like 30 min)

trip 2718

trip 2740 trip 2741 trip 2739trip 2779

Be attentive, amazing places can be really close to u.

If u will decide to visit castle my link to webpage will be useful:

homepage of Ogrodzieniec Castle


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