Paris – city of Love

I consider Paris to be good end of my trips for nowadays. I visited it in March, the weather was not so good, but I liked it. Its really worth visiting and fall in love here… with the city or maybe some French.

trip 232

Definitely go upstairs the Eiffel Tower and see the beauty of the city from the top of it.

trip 252  trip 231

While staying in Paris I visited Catacombs of Paris, underground ossuary in Paris. The thing I saw there was unexpected for me, really not pleasant – remains of about six million people in a small part of the ancient Mines of Paris tunnel network. The bones were putted in such a straight order, that I couldn’t even imagine someone has so strong nerves to do it. They were transferred here from former cemetery. 

trip 461 trip 460

Now about something more cheerful:

  1. Beautiful Luxembourg Garden, huge, with lakes, flowers, places where people were just sitting, relaxing under the sun, reading newspapers or books; just spending time great.
  2. trip 416 trip 417
  3. Famous all over the world Moulin Rouge, with its’ red windmill on the toptrip 466
  4. Notre Dame de Paris, one of the greatest Cathedral in Paris with well known story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda;  chimera statues and beautifully simple inside..

    trip 439 trip 431

I was lucky (thanks to my friend) to get to Palace of Versailles. First what impressed me was amount of space used for park, territory is huge; Here one can feel the power and greatness of French Kings…

trip 329 trip 411

trip 387 trip 335 trip 373

Paris – real city of love, especially if a place where u live has such a view:

trip 465

P.S. Thank U for this city…



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